Eco Conscious Luxury Living

Development Details

This development will have 83 houses, 16 condos and 24 town houses. We will offer 4 different styles of homes, and each style will have three different elevations. The square footage will range from 2144 for our smallest model to just over 4000 for the largest.


If you are looking for a custom home, we advise you to research the area, the climate and the amenities that you want. Once you've taken the time to do this, we can help you make the right choices about your custom home so it will enrich your life and help you live out your dreams.


We offer a wide variety of finishes, elevations and colours that our clients can choose from. We will work with clients who have their own designs or specific ideas about custom features in their home. Together, we'll help you choose options that will work with the style of homes in Freeman Estates. We want you to be happy with your Freeman Estates home, and we won't stop working until we've exceeded your expectations.

Custom Homes

We don't just dream big, we build big dreams.

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Eco Features

Living in the Caribbean will make you want to enjoy the environment and have as little impact on it as possible. That’s why all of our homes come with Eco features that will not only protect the environment and save you money but also enhance your Caribbean lifestyle.

Our homes include the following:

  • Fireplace

  • Solar Panels

  • Water Efficiency (water taps and shower heads)

  • Tankless water heaters (solar heaters)

  • Energy-efficienct lighting (CFL or LED)

  • Waste reduction

  • Low utility bills

  • Energy-efficient appliances

Weather Proof Construction

In St. Lucia, the weather is sunny and beautiful most of the time. But when the rain and winds come, they can wreak havoc on a home. That’s why our homes are built to withstand severe weather, such as hurricanes as well as the constant onslaught of salty sea breezes.

Our homes feature:​

  • Hurricane and earthquake resistant poured concrete

  • Heat-reflective roof surfacing

  • Heat build-up exhaust/solar

  • High-performance windows

House Features

We have overlooked nothing to bring you the Caribbean home of your dreams. Everything from the layout (designed to enhance the ocean breezes) to the finishes (top-quality upgraded fixtures and countertops) to the neighbourhood (a gated community with enhanced security for your peace of mind)


Our homes feature:


  • Gated community

  • Pool

  • Garage

  • Augmented security

  • Concrete structure (foam barrier interior thermally insulated)

  • Low-maintenance terraces with fireplace


  • Cross-ventilation enhanced design

  • 10-foot ceilings on main floor

  • Large doors on main floor

  • Standard doors on second floor

  • Open concept

  • Large windows (UV reflective)

Low Maintanence

In St. Lucia, the weather is sunny and beautiful year round. People may be concerned about hurricanes damaging their home in the Caribbean, but the biggest challenge for home builders in the tropics is actually those gentle ocean breezes.

Known as sea blast in the Caribbean, this never-ending assault of windblown sea water, sand and other debris is highly corrosive and can harm most homes after just a couple of weeks of neglect. Our homes are built to withstand sea blast with the following features:

Vinyl Windows: durable and literally maintenance free, even on beachfront homes

Stucco: made with an epoxy that makes it more durable and repels dirt – you simply rinse with water to keep it clean

Stainless-Steel and Epoxy-Coated Metals: Everything else rusts in a saltwater environment, so our homes use epoxy-coated metal or stainless-steel for any hardware that is exposed to the elements, such as hinges, handles and screws.

Hurricane and Earthquake Resistant Poured Concrete: Concrete is cast around steel bars so it is reinforced and has the three most important qualities to resist earthquakes and hurricanes: strength, stiffness and ductility.

Heat-Reflective Roofing: The right roofing choices can save you money on cooling your home in the Caribbean. Our roofing not only helps reflect the heat but also has solar panels incorporated, so it actually creates power for your home. The panels look like shingles so your home still has a traditional appearance.

Solar Sensor on Roof: The hot air within an attic can dramatically heat up a home. Our homes come equipped with a solar sensor that registers the heat, and when it reaches a certain temperature, activates a fan to automatically cool down the attic. This can save you money on cooling costs.

Driveways: All driveways in our developments are treated with an application that is resistant to corrosion from salt.

We don't just dream big, we build big dreams.

Book a consultation with us, and start building your dream.