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We have developed Freeman Estate to provide owners with an easy, low-maintenance experience, whether you are purchasing to use for your personal getaway or for an investment property. We’ll work with you on everything from layout and designs to custom finishes to create your island oasis.

Living in the Caribbean will make you want to enjoy the environment and have as little impact on it as possible. That's why all of our homes come with features that will not only protect the environment but also enhance your Caribbean lifestyle.

Our Homes include the following:

  • Earthquake-proof construction

  • Fireplace

  • Solar Panels

  • Water efficiency

  • Solar Heaters

  • Energy-efficient lighting

  • Waste Reduction

  • Low utility bills

  • Energy-efficient appliances

If you are looking for a custom home, we advise you to research the area, the climate and the amenities you want. Once you've taken the time to do this, we can help you make the right choices about your custom home so it will enrich your life and help you live out your dreams. We want you to be happy with your Freeman Estate home, and we won't stop working until we've exceeded your expectations.

We Don't Just Dream Big, We Build Big Dreams

Book a consultation with us, and start building your dream.

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